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About us

     Qingdao Jinwantong Environmental Protection Technology Co. , Ltd. is a high-tech private enterprise of environmental protection, which started in 2006. It is located in Qingdao, a beautiful coastal city with red tiles, green trees, blue sea and blue sky, the company is located in a beautiful environment, convenient transportation, in the Qilu culture, the company's growing scale. The company specializes in water pollution control project technical consultation, engineering design, equipment manufacturing, engineering construction, the operation of environmental protection facilities commissioning, set environmental protection equipment research and development, manufacturing, service in one. The company has introduced a lot of advanced technology from abroad, and relied on the industry experience of many senior environmental protection personnel for many years, combined with many well-known domestic universities, after many years of scientific research and continuous in-depth research and experiments, so that our company has mastered more of the latest production technology.

    The company's main business scope is manufacturing and selling: environmental protection equipment and accessories; environmental protection engineering design and construction; import and export of goods; operating other general business projects without administrative approval. The project subject to approval in accordance with law shall not be allowed to start business activities until it is approved by the relevant departments. The enterprising Jin wantong people always adhere to a high starting point, high standards, strict requirements, shaping an experienced, skilled knowledge-based professional team; In 2007, the company successfully passed the ISO9001 Quality Management System certification, and in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system organization production, manufacturing a series of environmental protection equipment quality reliable, stable operation, remarkable results, after-sales service timely and thoughtful, access to customers and the department in charge of praise. 

    In today's economic globalization, environmental protection industry increasingly fierce competition, the company is facing new opportunities and challenges, the company continues to introduce advanced management concepts and outstanding technical personnel, so that the management of enterprises towards scientific and rational growth. Companies adhering to the“Quality of survival, technology and development” for the purpose of“Customer first, reputation first” as a service concept. The company is willing to first-class technology, first-class products, first-class service, dedicated to cooperate with you to create a better green home. Welcome friends from all walks of life to our company!




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